Monday, 11 June 2007

Solo Tick Checking

I'd thought of this technique before, but tried it for real at the weekend, and it seemed to work. Instead of contorting yourself trying to angle a mirror to those difficult to reach places trying to see if it is a mole or a tick or your imagination playing tricks, use your digital camera. Just take a steady picture of the area. You'll probably need the macro switched on. That way you can also zoom in to see more details. Not much help when you have to remove any ticks found though; oh, and delete the photos to free space on you card and for sake of public decency too.


WD said...

and the horror of witnessing this technique, I will not get the image out of my head without intensive therapy ^____^

Duncan, it was great meeting you, you are a fantastic bloke, and a look forward to many more walks on the hill with you.

AktoMan said...

Come off it, witnessing BG prancing round in his skimpy shreddies must have been worse, WD :)

I'll add the photo in from Zooomr when I get the chance. Of a potential tick, not of BG in his merino codpiece.

mp said...

My PC on this page has a pop-up which warns of material of dubious taste. Maybe not quite, but close enough.

Anyway how was the Bikini Wax session

AktoMan said...

There's some comments from Tom Mangan's "Two-heel drive" blog on this article (link)