Sunday, 24 June 2007

Summertime Blues

I've been pondering over the last few days, and now come to the conclusion that I can't be bothered with the Wainwright Coast to Coast this Summer. Mainly I can't be bothered with the lack of wild camping. legal wild camping that is. Everyone tells me not to worry, the police have more to do with their time, etc etc. But it is a breach of the law of the land.

And I don't want to walk across a land that doesn't want me sensibly wild camping upon it. They might be happy with me paying for B&B or campsites, but I can't afford it. I also prefer the solitude of wild camping. I can't be bothered hiking across a country that declares such pleasures illegal.

That too rules out Offa's Dyke, and a Welsh coast-to-coast.

The fallback position was to tab it somewhere wild in Scotland and see how many Munros I could get to. Or chose a long distance trail in Scotland.

It isn't an anti-Welsh or anti-English choice; but why visit a country with the intention of breaking its laws? I have more respect for the law than that.


Big Kev said...

Across England in a Ghillie Suit? I know how you feel. I'm reminded of school holidays spent on Highland Estates where the pleasure of being outside in a magnificent setting was tempered by the knowledge that "I really shouldn't be here". My cousin's old DPM gear was the answer. If I were you, I'd go anyway. Too many thoughts on this for a comments box so I'll try and blog something later.

AktoMan said...

Funny that...I saw an episode of "Ultimate Force" the other day, and the Scot sniper had just joined the team. It looks cool - maybe harder for ticks and midges to spot the target. Not.

As to just going, Kev. I realised after writing it how much of a low-level niggle it has been for me. If I'm going to do something, I want to enjoy it, do it properly, not sculk from one secret illegal camp to another.

If the English lawmakers don't want wild campers uninvited on to land, then sod them. I'll take my tourist money elsewhere. Where me and my kind are welcomed.

Chris Cowell said...

Hi Duncan
Try a tour of the Rhinogs - we walked for three days and saw two pairs of walkers. Loads of good camp spots including a beaut' below Rhinog Fach beside a lake.
Tough country though!

We'll be going back.