Sunday, 24 February 2008

ePetition: Mr Manning gets a reply

Another update on the wild camping petition comes from John Manning's blog. He writes about the reply that he has received from his local MP, Tony Curry, who had kindly enquired of Secretary of State for the Environment, Hilary Benn.

Wild camping – “no way”, says Benn

"I believe in a fairer society. And that practical policies can help us get there." Hillary Benn - website.

So, by strange coincidence, when I looked up "They Work For Us", I noticed that Mr Benn has one registered shareholding: United Business Media.

At UBM, we believe all our businesses have a role to play as a member of the community in which each operates around the world. We recognise the importance of community involvement at all levels throughout the group and are committed to supporting our communities through financial contributions, donations in kind and employee volunteering. (source)

A noble statement. So, I went to a subsidiary to see what they do (CMP Information), and found some new reading material:

Isn't the Web great for throwing up links like that? So, although John received a negative reply, even that hints to positive action.


636 signatories just now. More news on the website. Who'll be "The Beast"?