Monday, 11 December 2006

Couch 22

Mad Jim's posted some photos from the OM meet that I missed on Saturday. I'd be too scared to tackle that snow anyway.

Suite 1: Morven (including the killer ducks of Braemar).
Suite 2: Beinn Bhreac and Beinn a'Chaorainn.

Very impressive, chaps.

Now, off to update iTunes to handle the kafuffle over Bob's Outdoors Channel/Station whatever he's renamed it to stop the sodding lawyers having a go. In the meantime the streets are coated in broken glass and cars are hooring up 20mph-limited streets. Priorities? Humbug!

Picked up a pair of merino260 leggings in Tiso's. Actually, I bought them yesterday, but looked at the chest measurement instead of the waist size. So exchanged them today. They had a copy of "Sacred Summits: John Muir's Greatest Climbs" for 2 quid instead of £8.99, so I splurged out on that. That works out to be over a 10% discount on the whole shopping. Honest.


Anonymous said...

Yeah sorry about the name change business, its a real pain especially at this time of year when we are stacked out packing parcels of goodies for people.

Still they say you aren't anybody in the podcast world unless you've had a 'cease and desist' letter! (Anyway, why would I WANT to be associated with Americans who go out a kill things for fun!)

Anyway the site is registered and will be launched as soon as I can get to it (over Xmas dinner?) as (I didn't agonise over the two S's in there, but at this stage beggars can't be choosers and all that)

The feeds will be the same and you should just notice the artwork and idents change shortly.

I intend to really get stuck into producing little movies on 'kit' next year, which I think will be of interest to people, so thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Just being 2 of us it is a bit of a struggle to generate the hours needed, but I think folks enjoy the results.

Anyway, keep up the blogging and merry Christmas to one an all ;-))

Bob and Rose

AktoMan said...

Keep up the good work, Bob & Rose, both in the retailing and the podcasting.