Saturday, 21 April 2007

SUW - Gear

Epilogue (in true Quinn Martin style)

A short series of video clips, where I talk about the gear that I wore and carried along the Southern Upland Way.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

If you enjoyed the series about my 15-day, 212 mile long, Southern Upland Way trek, why not click on this link to go to the sponsorship page.



Martin said...

Fab, thanks for that! Didn't get around to watching them the first time around. Great stuff.

AktoMan said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them, Martin. I didn't realise that I'd talked for an hour just about my gear. Sad git that I am!

The gear was also starting to pong a bit, as I couldn't unpack until I was able to hoodwink Mike into being the camera-guy.

I wouldn't bother with the sandals again. I'd need to sort the home-dried food before the next LDW. I'd still take 'hotel clothes'.

I'd need to think if the bivvy bag was worthwhile - it did give me some good options in non-wilderness areas. The terrain needs to be considered carefully, and scenarios pre-considered.

Martin said...

Funny about the sandals - I was just considering how useful they could be. I have used my Tevas for touristy walking and noted some recent comments in the OM forum of late about using them for 'decent' walking too.
I'm not so much into my camping of late - I haven't made that leap as yet, so my kit ideas are slightly different to yours. I'm also mindful of the letter in this month's TGO 'dirty time at the tarn' which seems to fit in with your June 28th posting about similar matters. I don't want to get into any (more) Trail bashing, but such magazines seem to emphasise the fun aspects without leaning too heavily on the practicalities such as pollution.
Anyway, I digress....

AktoMan said...

Sandals - very useful when they are needed, good with Sealskinz waterproof socks as camp shoes, or round the bothy/hotel. But on a long walk, how often will they be used?

Ablutions - Not something that is talked about often. Of course, there's coverage in books (including the dedicated "how to sh*t in the woods"). IIRC, both Trail and TGO have had articles within the last 2 years on the topic.

Like all guides to the 'unspoilt' regions, they will attract people. Perhaps the mags can have a tactful reminder in their routes sections. But then, everyone who showed photos of treks they had been on (myself included) would need to make a similar statement regularly. Hmm.