Friday, 13 October 2006

Couch 10: No more sleeps

Flying visit to the Blogosphere as I'm in process of packing and repacking. Roughly 12kg of core gear, i.e. not including food, water, batteries and worn clothing.

Osprey Atmos 50 was comfortable even when loosely packed as I stepped onto the bathroom scales. I think it's the back-length that was causing me the problems with the Z-Pack.

Due to the train journey, I'm packing a spare top - something I don't normally do. The cheap Scotland rugby shirt isn't exactly lightweight, but it seemed appropriate.

Also missing from photo are; Sigg oval water bottle, Snow*Peak titanium trek 900, plastic Aladin travel-mug; 'makings' kit, repair kit (Duck tape, paracord, 2 spare tent pegs, solar radio). I'll detail things when I get a chance in camp, or on my return.

Started packing later than I 'd aimed, as I was distracted by looking into mobile blogging. If I forego sleep, I might get something set up. Watch this space, as the saying goes.

Charity total up to £125 online, and £30 offline. Once more, many thanks to you all.

Google Earth have a new Beta out, and the pictures look clearer. I was looking at the WHW on it over lunch today. Very useful free program.