Thursday, 12 October 2006

Couch 9: 1 More Sleeps

A mate was round earlier and she suggested I use the mp3 player's voice recorder to keep some audio notes of the WHW trek. Tore flat apart looking for the manual, which was in some obvious place once I'd looked everywhere else.

I'm not enough of a geek to have Net access via PDA's and/or smartphones, so I'll post when I get the opportunity - probably when I get back home.

Bad news though: I couldn't find any of the salami sausages that Asda were stocking. They were ideal for snacking on, and reasonably priced too. Picked up some rice that works fine on the stove despite its microwave instructions. I found out the hard way that this is not true of all packeted rice. Also tuna sachets - an expensive way to buy tuna, but great for snacks or adding to rice. Some AAA batteries and snuck in some chocolate - one solid bar of choc, and some Cadbury's Crunchie.

Donations via the JustGiving site have reached £120 at time of posting, thanks to people from OM, the wargames club, friends and family. The folks at work are donating offline, with promissory notes of £25 now.

Tomorrow, as well as packing, I'll cut a message for Bob's first podcast birthday, and get a gear list up on OM too. Oh, and get in a full day at work.

Anyway, nothing more to write, so off to get rid of that final sleep before Friday 5pm.

Oh, it was suggested that I'm not starting the walk on Friday the 13th, as it is bad luck. No, I'm not starting the walk until Saturday so that I can spend Friday evening setting out my gear, packing and repacking and checking that I haven't missed anything (eg star map).

1 more sleep to go.


Chris said...

Enjoy yourself!

AktoMan said...

Cheers, Chris :)