Saturday, 31 May 2008

Postal Blues (reprise)

I dropped an email to Tinny asking if he'd ever got my order. Yup, shipped 3 days after receipt, he wrote.

I wonder if there's a thief in the Royal Mail, as that is two deliveries of ordered goods that have never been delivered. Maybe a bag of parcels that was stolen, or fell down the back of a machine. Of course, all a bureaucratic 'organisation' will want is a pile of forms filled out with impossible to recall details.

If you missed the previous shenanigans, here's a link.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Tescos 4 FBC

After only getting a few items off of Sarah's "Freezer Bag Cooking" list from the local Asda, i went up to Tescos. Much more choice. Bought soya for the first time ever, as well as powdered coconut milk, powdered eggs and ghee.
I noticed they had a Polish section. Included in it was the Polish labeled Knorr packet of Italian sauce. A strange world. I wasn't sad enough to see if folk were being charged extra for the Polish wording.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Recycling Brands Lands Tinny in Trouble

Despite every news item talking about alternative energy, recycling and how plastic bags are evil, an American engineer who recycles empty Heineken® beer containers into a useable lightweight cooking pots has been told to stop, and to pay "reasonable" damages in the sum of $4,750. According to the letter posted on the site, the owner was sent a "cease and desist" letter prior to this, and he did not. Link

Now, many, many cans and bottles are designed to be easily identifiable from a distance. Just look at the shape of branded cola bottles, or soft drinks bottles. No doubt the designs are covered by intellectual property laws. Will H® be happy with merely the removal of their registered trademarked name, or will the want all photos that allow the cans to be identified as there IP removed from the site and videos too.

I tried to read the Heineken® terms and conditions on their web site, but I have to verify that I am over 18 to visit the site (they state that is the legal drinking age: in fact, in the UK, it is 18 and over).  Link to the mean green machine.

Me, haven't drunk that lager since I was an 18+ year old kid.

Oh, and if you want to do the maths (that's "math" if you are from the USA), I found a shop selling the 24oz beer cans at $2.29. Thus, H® reckon that Tinny's recycling of their named product (in his wind-powered workshop) has damaged them to the tune of 2,074 cans of lager, or 2,489 pints.

I drunk from here at the weekend:


It is better for you.


ps: there's a discussion as to whether the legal email is a scam or genuine in Tinny's post.

pps; I hope it hasn't delayed him completing my order cos I'm dying to try the stove.

pps: will they extradite people for this?

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Thunderclap, ho!

Three of us were in the office when a large clap of thunder exploded outside. The polite lady resisted the childish urge to run to the nearest window. I am not *that* refined.

Inner Thoughts

The hole is off for repairs. I had to send the whole inner, and not just the hole in the inner. Tiso's as handling it through their tent repairer as a chargeable job. Meant that I could handle it in my lunchbreak, and not traipse around to the post office after emailing the original vendor.


And whilst there, bought a 'holster' for the Aquagear water filter. It is the 1 litre Nalgene bottle carrier with a zipped top. There's a velcro-secured side strap to allow it to be secured to a belt. the plan is to use the Aquagear filter in journeys that follow water courses instead of carrying more water in the Camelback.

As to the Akto's inner. Well, if I do get out before the repair is completed (perhaps the sidhe that damaged it could fix it?), then I'll use the outer as a tarp, and sleep in bivvy bag. Midge netting over head if needed.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sunday. Braemar.

Carn a Mhaim tackled. Now tackling queue at Hungry Highlander.



Along Glen Luibeg


A Pythonesque mob of tourist hikers stride past me on the way to the welcoming Derry Lodge


Beside the bridge at Derry Lodge.


One last look back


A herd of deer on the horizon


Almost back to the car. Started walking after 10am, summit at 2pm, car at 6pm.

Carn a' Mhaim

Cairn a' Mhaim (1037m/3402ft) [Munro 46]

Carn a' Mhaim. Now, off to the car. This message has been sent from an altitude of 1037m.



Looking along the Luibeg Burn




Looking back along the track that I walked along.


Looking west to Bod an Deamhain


Another false summit


Brown trouser time for me as my nerves take a beating.


A long way down to the Corrour Bothy.


Knobbly bit


Looking across to the stream I forded yesterday


Track to the summit

Cairn a' Mhaim (1037m/3402ft) [Munro 46]

Cairn a' Mhaim (1037m/3402ft) [Munro 46]


looking back to the summit.


The way ahead.


The panorama to the south.


Looking back to the north


The path drops away


The way home.


My car's awaaaay down there at the end of the green valley.


My left knee starts giving me jip as I slowly, reassuringly, stomp my way down the path



Been there. Done that. Cracking pathwork has been done.

Sunday. The long way back


At 825m north west of Carn a'Mhaim (1037m). I didn't want to tempt fate by planning it in, but checked through the guidebooks on Friday night to remind myself of what to watch for. George n Keith know i'm taking this way back to the car. Glorious weather but windy.



George and Keith breaking camp


George and Keith heading away from Corrour Bothy, walking up the Lairig, and eventually to Aviemore.


There has been a lot of pathwork done to the bothy.


North up the Lairig Ghru with Braeriach on the far left.


Track up Allt Clach nan Taillear


Track is good at stages


Local wildlife


View of the Lairig and Braeriach from 750m

Saturday. To Corrour Bothy

Linn of Dee to Corrour Bothy. Met George and his hiking buddy, Keith. I managed to hear THE football score. Rangers one by one goal, but at one point, Queen of the South scored 2 goals to bring them equal with the Wegies. Unbelievable.



Parked the car at the Linn of Dee at about 2pm, walking along in rolled up fleece sleeves, with sun-tan lotion on, and my boonie hat for eye shade. (maplink)


The target is the patch of trees in the distance.


Chewed the fat with Big Kev, who let me know that George and his trail buddy were about half an hour away. Unsurprisingly, in this weather, Kev was in no hurry to leave. he was looking for places where he and his lad could go wild camping. I think he's spoilt for choice.


I reached the White Bridge just after 3pm, and turned north up Glen Dee. I stuck to the west side, as I'd never been fully up that side (having walked part of it when walking off Beinn Bhrotain last summer.


From the west of the glen, the Bod stands guard, blocking the view of the Lairig.


Further up the glen, the Lairig Ghru becomes visible - the main pass through the Cairngorm plateau. indeed, a U-shaped valley.


After the path runs out, I follow the deer track across the sandy shore of the Geusachan Burn. The plan is simply to contour round and come in on the bothy. It's a hard life.


As it is now 6pm - had I been walking that long? - the sun starts to lower in the sky, allowing cracking views of the snow-lined side of Monadh Mór.


South back down Glen Dee - I walked up there. Approximate distances - Linn of Dee to White Bridge = 4.5km, White Bridge to Corrour = 9.5km. (tune in my head)


The bothy eventually becomes visible. (tune in my head)


As the sun starts to move behind the Bod of the Devil, was it worth the walk? In this weather, yes.


A chin-wag with George and Keith. They've been here a while (the path on the east of the valley allowed them to get to the bothy quicker than my saunter).


The bothy with its new toilet block - use it or lose it.


Dying sunlight picks out tomorrow's target - Carn a' Mhaim.


The mug and bowl is great (having arrived earlier that day). The cozy is 20cm wide x 24cm high. It fits a Wayfarer pouch perfectly. The cup kept the tea warm for between 15 and 30 minutes. The bowl holds 16 fluid ounces, and can fill most of the 18fl oz Aquagear filter bottle. Both are gradated with metric and imperial scales.


A group of phase-shifting red deer prance around the bothy.


And I discover an 'ole in the inner of my Akto. Jings.