Saturday, 24 May 2008

Freezer Bag Cooking Order

The winner of yesterday's lottery is: Sarah from Freezer Bag Cooking.


So, what do I get to play with this weekend? Well, there's the starter pack with

  • the book "Freezer Bag Cooking: Trail Food Made Simple" by Sarah Svien Kirkconnell. I'll be reading this and giving it a go. There are also lots of recipes on her website (as well as well-photographed trip reports and trees).
  • cozy. I went for the desert camo one. I thought a subdued one suited me, but not so subdued that I couldn't find it in the heather. Just tried it with a Wayfarer's dinner pack, and it fits it perfectly.
  • GSI long handled spoon. That's for the outdoor cutlery box, even though it has a spoon end and a "scraper tip". That's the non-spoon end. And in between, there is a handle - wow, they've thought of everything ;-)
  • 2 ziploc bags. These are, with good planning, the right size for the cozy.
  • Not in the starter pack is the GSI nesting mug and bowl. The mug has an insulated layer, and sipping gaps at two of the sides of the triangular-sectioned. Both are marked in ml and fl oz. The mug's lid could be used as a strainer for the bowl.

I'm off to swap out my Nalgene 'mug' (visible behind the stove in this shot, wrapped in an insulated layer) and put the cozy into a waterproof bag. My mug normally holds the makings for beverages, i.e. ziplock bag with tea bags, a Nalgene container with coffee, an old film canister with whitener and finally a slim container of sweeteners.

Note - the cozy mentioned above is not a pot cozy (home-made one photographed). The idea is that you put the food into the cozy instead of using your stove to simmer it. Here's a link to Sarah's interview with Practical Backpacking. It is where I first heard of this. I was at Geldie Lodge in, 2006, I think. Link.

And Sarah's also got a YouTube channel.


PS: as an ex-pat Doonhamer, it would be "unbelievable" (as someone's just said on the radio) if Queen of the South beat Rangers this afternoon in the Scottish Cup Final.


AktoMan said...

bevy-makings fitted comfortably, with enough space to add a couple of Oxo cubes (in a small ziplock bag).

BG! said...

Hi Aktoman
Is there any chance that you could let me know the dimensions of the cozy, please?
p.s. good luck in the Final.

Story Quine said...

Ah, what a shame - despite a fantastic fight back, Queens lost 3-2 to Rangers. I would've been DEELIGHTED to see Rangers getting beat twice in one week.

And I might add, the Dons (AFC) were the ones who put Rangers out of the League Cup, ha ha. Weel done QotS though, they can be proud of their efforts.

Big Kev said...

A mug with ml & fl oz markings you say? That's what I need. Expedition Foods Chicken Tikka "soup" for tea could've been avoided.
Great to meet you & George btw, albeit briefly :o)

AktoMan said...

Dimensions of cozy:
20cm wide x 24cm high. It fits a Wayfarer pouch perfectly.

Big Kev
Nice to put a voice to the words. I hope your lad enjoys the 'gorms.

It is the only football game in ...well... ever, that I've considered watching.

BG! said...

Cheers for the info, AktoMan.