Thursday, 15 May 2008

MWIS 2.0

Just checking the forecast for the weekend in the Cairngorms, so off to the usual haunt at the Mountain Weather Information Service. And. Blam. KaPow. It's all light and cheery and all of a sudden I'm awake and there goes my chance to wind down for an early night.

If you can stand the shock to the system, if you feel lucky, punk, just click h..., but don't say that you haven't been

I'm off to meet Darren and Dawn in the National Park. Somewhere. Maybe White Bridge. Maybe Glen Feshie. Maybe Sometime. Maybe Friday evening (little chance of that). Maybe the day after. Or maybe Sunday (doubtful). I have a bag of delights and civilised treats for them - I won't say what as Darren called to remind me of something "Oi! Tell the others that I can read what's being said about me". Hopefully the Christie Curse won't affect me like it has affected those around him this year, but I'm taking some holy water with me just in case. I'm not sure if I should take the Speyside or the Islay holy water.


BG! said...
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BG! said...

I like the bit on the "animated synoptic charts" where it says "Keep clicking to animate sequence".

I can't keep up with these technological advances.


AktoMan said...

Don't get animated about it Mr S.

Does that 'click to load next slide' really count as animated?

BG! said...