Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sourcing the Amazon

I was looking at getting a copy of Sarah Kirkconnell's "Freezer bag cooking". Obviously I drop in to the blog, and know that I can get the book from the USA, but went looking in the UK. here I found it on Amazon.co.uk, with a £1.99 sourcing fee.

So. A bookshop is wanting to charge me £1.99 to find a book. Which, being a stupid Brit, I'd obviously be happy to pay. Heck, we're willing to treat people as criminals if they overfill a bin or fine someone for putting junk mail in a public litter bin, or rip off students repaying their educational loans.

Britain - we're crap - there you go, and I won't charge you £1.99 for the information.


PhilW said...

You can also order it direct from Lulu.com They have an EU facility (Spain?) and their postal charges weren't too bad the last time I used them - though pretty slow.

BG! said...

I like the idea of "sourcing fees"...

I think I'll introduce them at home for those many cries of "Dad, I can't find my other sock", "Dad, where's the new pack of toilet-roll" and "Stef, I can't find my car-keys".

I'll be quids in!

Sarah said...

Hey everyone....I ship out of the US quite often - my policy is if you order a book, or a "starter kit" I don't charge anything more for shipping. Only if you order other gear do I charge an extra $3 for shipping :-)

As well, we usually ship in 1-2 days so you have it within a week!

Anyhoo, take advantage of our dying US dollar - yous is worth more these days ;-) But buy off our website over Amazon to save on the shipping!


AktoMan said...

Phil - I noticed Lulu, but didn't pay it attention. IIRC, Andy H had issues with them over some photos.

BG! - LOL, yes, I can see that happening. Shortly followed by a demand for an increase in pocket money ;-)

Sarah - I'll be in touch after I get the re-construction estimate from the dentist on Saturday. Ouch. I still remember hearing about pot cosies for the first time when listening to you being interviewed on a podcast. There was me, camped in the Cairngorms, listening to 2 folk talking from across the Atlantic. "Social" technology - amazing. photo

Abcol@Altens said...

"Britain - we're crap" yes the ultimate anti-brand, so far, whatever happened to British Rail ... What annoys me is how good words get targetted by bad people eg wiki

AktoMan said...

Order sent, Sarah. Starter pack and the mug/bowl combo.

Sarah said...

I hope you like the mug/bowl set. I love them - I am using both the roud 20 ounce and the triangle shaped 14 ounce sets :-D Don't know if you have seen the videos we have been shooting, but in our most recent you can see them while I am making Salmon Alfredo. (http://www.youtube.com/user/trailcooking)