Saturday, 11 August 2007

Brecon Beacons day 1

Mike n Darren
Having tabbed it in from the carpark on Saturday night, we pitched about 2km from the meeting place that the others would be at. Mike pitched his tarp, and Darren sleeping on his so that he could watch the Perseids meteoroids. I was in my Akto, but left the outer door open.
Darren on Saturday am
Once the neighbours were away, we broken camp and headed off to find the others.
Looking back to the camp
And I couldn't resist looking back at where we had camped.
Ponies on the Beacons
Then we saw the local wildlife, not only sheep but ponies, and a bird of prey too.
what's that coming along the hill
Alan's silhouette was quite easy to pick out as they walked along the ridgeline.
Alan and Geoff
Alan and Geoff gave us the low-down on the previous night, and that we'd missed Gayle and Mick.
Bannau Sir Gaer
Bannau Sir Gaer
Mike on the ridge
Mike on the ridge.
Waun Lefrith
Ridge without Mike.
Bannau Sir Gaer
We came down from Bannau Sir Gaer, and Darren cut down to the low path, whilst we followed the high track....
Fan Foel
to Fan Foel.
Where's Darren
Spot the Darren competition.
To Bwlch Giedd
Our pitch was at the llyn below, and there was a path down the bwlch.
Geoff on the path
We came down 130m on a decent path.
By Llyn y Fan Fawr
We arrived at the pitch by Llyn y Fan Fawr by 3pm - a sunny, lazy, enjoyable day for me. Later being joined by Dawn, who had been hiking in the area for a few days, Ali and Lay, and Bob and Rose.
Saturday night pitch
We pitched in the shadow of Fan Hir...
Geoff, Rose, Bob, Mike
And chatted until it got dark.


Fiona-Jane Brown said...

And it's happy birthday to my Dad - 68 today. Been swanning around PD old fishmarket as it is our harbour open day. Reasonable weather here, though yesterday it was so windy in the Grey Toon I was cursing the fact I lived on the coast!! Good luck with Brekie Beakies (apparently what squaddies call them)

John Hee said...

Is that Darren behind the hill still emptying the contents of the car boot into his 150 litre ultralite sack?

Chris Cowell said...

Get orf moi hills!


John Hee said...

nice one chris

that would be your farm impression then

AktoMan said...

LOL, Chris. I heard more Welsh accents on the train from London (3) than I did in that short visit (2; the farmer looking for a missing lamb, and Stu).

Anonymous said...

Nice shots from what looked a good trip,had a walk up Fan Foel last week from Usk res.
Regards Lance

AktoMan said...

Walking up that hill? Down was bed enough for me :)