Thursday, 9 August 2007

Outdoor Retailer Summer 07

The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is on just now in Salt Lake City (link) . The expo started with a 2-day open air demo (7/8th), and then moves indoors (9-12th August).

There is a long list of companies attending (link), and a summary showcase (link) - the Lippi Selk 'bag sleep wear system catches my eye. There is a blog, and there may be webcasts (though that page was empty at time of posting).

Seminar topics include:

Consumers are better educated and more savvy than ever before. As such, it has never been more important to be focused, meaningful and consistent in creating and cultivating authentic consumer relationships.

This one sounds more like it aims to manipulate "authentic consumer relationships":

During this informative and practical one hour session you will learn about industry wide initiatives designed to get members of your community more involved in outdoor activities – and into your store!  Outdoor Industry Foundation will guide you through a step-by-step process of how your business can implement and be part of successful national programs like The Great American Backyard Campout, Teens Outside! and Outdoor Idols.

Tie that approach in with the presentation about websites:

For most businesses and organizations, a Web site started out as an online billboard or brochure. As technology has changed – and it has done so at break-neck speed the last several years -- Web sites have become online locations where audiences expect to get real services and take actions important to them.

Maybe it will mean that shops will have a better online presence than just a photograph and often minimal details.

Oh dear, and then there is information on pochling report information:

This 90-minute session will provide a quick overview of the 2007 OIA Specialty Retailer Operational Ratio Report (SROR): what SROR benchmarks are and how to use them, with practical examples.  We will focus on case studies of outdoor retailers who are successfully utilizing SROR benchmarks in their businesses.  Exploring multi-store, large single store, medium and small retailers from across the country these case studies will provide a broad spectrum of retail experience and outcomes. No matter what size your operation is, you’ll learn how to make the SROR work for you.

I had to look up information on SPAR, sorry, SPOR, and found a page of reports here. My interest stopped at that point.

There will also be meetings of the Eco Working Group and a chance to get buying advice from the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (link).

The Gear Junkie has a list of gear that's jumped out at him (link).