Saturday, 4 August 2007

Derry Lodge

Glamping at Derry Lodge
Saturday morning. Glamping with a couple of chums at Derry Lodge. They drove past me last night when i was in the Hungry Highlander (no, i'm not on commission), so had half my jumbo cod supper (that's cod and chips to any f'r'ns reading this), stuffed rest into coat pocket and started to leg it up the path. Only to be asked if i was intending camping on NTS land by the lycra-short mountain-biking ranger. A short exchange in which i affirmed that i would not be lighting an open fire, "in this weather?"
Double-timing it up the path. Run 20, walk 20. Run 20, walk 25. Run 15, walk 30. I pass a chap with a Dick Strawbridge moustache and family. Then catch up to the ladies, trying not to appear to be a stalker in case it was the crafty weapons of war host.
Too windy by Bob Scott's so got more shelter by Derry lodge. Sparkling wine, chocolates and i got to eat the rest of my cod supper, cos the others wouldn't eat cold fish n chips. Result!
First cup of coffee


Andy Howell said...

You certainly don't have to be on commission to recommend the Hungry Highlander :-)

AktoMan said...

A fine establishment. Now, if only they had a landline to Derry Lodge...

Story Quine said...

Ah ha - now I ken faa you mean by Dick Strawbridge!! Mr It's Not Easy Being Green a-ha!

I'd like to tell Aktoman fans that I was up at the point the photo was taken, and it was me who took the pic of him blowing on his red-bush tea!

I had to go round the side of my green and orange tent to get the morning tea on as stove would not remain on in the blast of wind!

Yes, we were saying, why doesn't someone open a chippy IN the poor abandoned DL?

AktoMan said...

it was me who took the pic of him blowing on his red-bush tea!

Except that you haven't sent me copies of your photos yet.