Friday, 17 August 2007

Duvet day the Akto way

Private Road
Stomach fires raged all day and when i went to move, it was a struggle against my stomach muscles and aching head. I dozed, listened to radio, working up motivation and failing. Repeat cycle for just short of 12hrs. Broke camp as midges swarmed - so much for vitamin b and arnywear though it does seen to work on contact. Struggled back to car, listening to radio to keep my mind off things. Got to Killin, with it's Co-op that doesn't shut until 10pm and dosed up on antacid and milkbased food. I'm off to tomorrow's meeting place to sleep in car in case i'm fit enough to hike.
Heading out


WD said...

hope you get well enough for tomorrow Duncan.
Know what it's like to be ill on the hill ;)

John Hee said...

plenty of fluid, and bug it if its still going after 48hrs?

chin up matey

AktoMan said...

Nothing as bad as yours, Darren. It's why I carry isotonic drinks now.

AktoMan said...

As it is now 48hrs later, and I am feeling less ill, I reckon it was just a bug, John. Drinking plenty of fluids, and had a healthy pint of chilled Murphy's stout last night.