Friday, 3 August 2007

Loch nan Cnapan

Loch nan Cnapan
Before pitching at Loch nan Cnapan
Pitched at Loch nan Cnapan
After pitching at Loch nan Cnapan
Reindeer by Loch nan Cnapan
Thursday evening. Reindeer at south end of loch.
Reindeer on the ridge
Later there were 5. Later none.
Loch nan Cnapan
Akto + lochan + sunset = Bliss.
Loch nan Cnapan at sunset
Loch nan Cnapan at sunset.


P said...

Killer photos! Now I'm inspired to get back to Scotland *g*

(Um... what happened to those 5 deer, then? Surely you can't have eaten them *all*....)

AktoMan said...

I saw the herd when I was walking up Monadh Mor on Friday. They were on the eastern side of Mullach Clach a Bhlair above Glen Eidart. Just specks in the distance before I disappeared into the low cloud.

If I had taken my dSLR and could afford a bigger lens, then maybe I could have got clearer shots. Oh, and a tripod too. But would that have survived a few nights in the wild? I was too concerned to take it.