Monday, 13 August 2007

Post Retort

A point-by-point reply to answer to Darren's "Brecon Beacon Bloggers Meet" - nae hoorhouse sidestep from me.

  1. we missed a turning to Neath
    No, I (me) missed the turning, there was no "we".
  2. Duncan was finding that the E-Lite is not really suited for night walking
    I'd used it in the dark before, and it does the job as a path-walker's torch. But with brighter torches around, the photons seem to get beaten up. I've already looked out my old Petzl Tikka to put in the pack.
  3. Duncan erected the object of his year long tent lust
    Love, not lust.
  4. Duncan striking that classic pose looking for his Akto (it's behind you)
  5. Photo
    Bob - man maketh fire. Poor chap, he's turning a few twigs and hygiene products into a flame that will cook their dinner, and we are cracking jokes.
  6. So sorry folks if you think I was being anti social I wasn't honest.
    More whisky, saké, gin, chocolate, Hello Kitty sweets (no, it's not catfood), seaweed cakes, fruit brittles, etc for the rest.


WD said...

so two people have read my blog now (other than my mum)

AktoMan said...

If you didn't have to sell your sole to leave comments on the system you use, Darren, maybe more people would comment?

John Hee said...

"Love, not lust"
Is the difference for love you enter by the side passage, but lust needs to use the fron entrance?

Sorry to have missed the feast Duncan

AktoMan said...


Another time for the feast, John. I didn't take any Polish sausage this time.

WD said...

Duncan, but my soul is sooo cheap ;)