Thursday, 23 August 2007


I think I spotted Chris Townsend on the STV news today in a crowd of people protesting about wind factory proposals on the Dava moorland. He wasn't interviewed, and appeared out of most shots, or with his back to the camera. I think they were avoiding him, as he knows The Truth of it all.

STV news link


Chris Townsend said...

Yes it was me (at least I guess so - I was there but haven't seen the programme). I was interviewed by STV - clearly others were more interesting!

Back at a meeting in Grantown (quite well attended for a Thursday lunchtime)I was interviewed for the Press and Journal. I've no idea when or if anything from this interview will appear.

The main though is the publicity - that was the idea.

"He knows The Truth of it all" sounds like something out of the X Files!

AktoMan said...

"Trust No One", and Mr T is obviously No. 1 - in the MCoS at least.

A worthy cause - prevention of environmental destruction for the sake of a few bucks.

Chris Townsend said...

I was concerned on hearing about the windfarms. However on seeing where the turbines will be I was really horrified. There will be 130 of them, some 425 feet tall, running along the hills above Lochindorb, totally destroying the lovely wide open vista across the loch as well as damaging a wild habitat including deep peat bogs.

AktoMan said...

Sounds like similar numbers and sizes to those planned for back home on Lewis.

And then they have the transmission lines, so more desolation.

What a joke this country is. Destroy the natural environment to offset some of the damage done by poor power management. There's just to many city folk. Some sort of cull is required. Clear them into the countryside for a week to show them how beautiful it is, and why it is worth preserving.

Story Quine said...

Here here - now where's my shotgun?

After getting dog's abuse (again) from a bitch of a female who seemed intent on taking up the whole road with her entourage of sisters, men, bidie-ins, pushchairs and a stupid brat that was running backwards - aye right towards me on my bike! - I just thought, you madam, you ought to bide on your side of the river! You can dress up all you like, but you can't hide your roots when you open that foul mouth of yours! It made her ugly, the language she was using!!!
I for one don't want to cycle on a main road with no cycle lane and go round a roundabout when the pavement is wide enough!!!


AktoMan said...

Were they carrying wind turbines? I seem to have lost the thread of these comments.