Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A Gift and A Move

The post delivered an extra package today. The first clue as to the sender was that the weight had been written on the outside of the packet. The second clue was the smell of smoke on opening the parcel. Hmm, a smoker who weights items. The third clue was the enclosed letter from BG!

The gift he sent me was a 1984 edition of "Munro's Tables". There's a useful pronunciation guide and meaning list at the back, and some scary photos in the centre - of which the only one I have seen in reality is "Cairn Toul from Braeriach". (link)

And the move - well, WeirdDarren has finally emigrated from LiveSpaces. He's chosen to go for WordPress, and also his own .com address. The first improvement is that lots of people can leave comments without having to sign up for an account. May all your comments be constructive, Darren.

In summary,

BG! - thanks for the unexpected gift, I've already noticed a name in one of the lists that I'll need to investigate.

Darren - good luck on the move, it can only be an improvement.


BG! said...

The smell of smoke - probably due to the fact that the jiffybag had to be reclaimed from the wheelie-bin... we waste nothing here!

AktoMan said...

I just file these sort of things in my 3D, multi-room filing system.