Friday, 3 August 2007

Clais an t-Sabhail

Akto Magic 3
Wednesday evening. Camped at 1010m. Sad to have lost the altitude, but sheltered and near water. With the high winds of last night, shelter is important. A herd of deer SSE of me. Could be reindeer. I'll check the photos on my return.

There was about 3 people seen on Cairn Toul after i pitched, and 2 walked off Braeriach - possibly the couple i saw on the Bod.

For the first time in 3 days, my head hadn't broken into a sweat in the evening. Maybe it was temperature related. Certainly wasn't a 'flu.

Ah well, caught a Radio 4 prog about medics on Everest. Fascinating. Taking blood samples after summiting. Off to read some Wordsworth. I should have bought that book of German poems. No matter how many advanced forms of media we have, the written word, when properly read and digested still has power to get people thinking of the human condition. I must get round to reading Gilgamesh one day.

Forgot to say that the Paramo trousers and doing well. Map lived in pocket of jacket instead of back pocket. But i'll need a change in procedure when entering tent. Last night, i didn't notice Cascadas were wet, so floor of tent got wet. Doh!