Monday, 13 August 2007

Human Resources

User-generated content isn't just for today, but for tomorrow too. I'd written about that previously but i'll need to work on the searchability of the blog too. What's the point of having information if someone can't find it. There should be a search box in the top-left corner, but i've not really tested it. If it falls short, I'll look for a better widget. The tag cloud is another way to find posts, but every time i add a new folksonomic word to the category list, i need to add that word to previous posts too. Meaning that there's no guarantee of 100% accuracy. So, if there's something you think i might know about (eg whisky sauce) ask and i can point you to the right post, or pass you to somewhere that might know (eg one of the outdoor forums) or i could suggest using a search engine.
Hazards to walkers


John Hee said...

search box has always worked ok for me Duncan

AktoMan said...

Good oh. I just wasn't sure if the search box was present when not logged in. It is.