Friday, 24 August 2007

Beach at Dusk

Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen Beach, looking north.

Aberdeen Beach

Panorama of Aberdeen Beach, looking north.

Vessels leaving the harbour

Vessels leaving the harbour.

Support vessels

Support vessels.

Marine Operations Centre

Aberdeen Harbour Marine Operations Centre.


Esplanade, looking north.

Boy racers

Boy racers.


Story Quine said...

coool! Were you suffering insomnia at that point?

I love the streaming lights - how do you do that?

Camera Club ppl would be jealous!

AktoMan said...

Set camera to longer exposure. Used the bean-bag I have to steady camera on top of a bin. Wait for green traffic light, open shutter, and the boy racers do the rest, rushing off at the lights.

Took about 10 photos and this was the best of them.