Friday, 17 August 2007

Feeling down in the valley

Nearest I got to Beinn Sheasgarnaich
4 hrs after waking up and all i've done is have some isotonic drink to try and waken me up. Head hurts and stomach is on fire. A glorious day for hiking and i just can't be arsed. I thought of pulling myself up Beinn Sheasgarnaich, and then to the jumping off point for tomorrow, missing the 2 other munros i had hoped to do. I don't know if imodium is an antacid, so i'm not going to risk it. Going for the old favourite of hot water instead. Cicerone 'wilderness medicine' book recommends antacid tabs, milk or yoghurt. Radio Scotland had phone-in earlier on best and worst places to visit in Scotland. So i don't feel guilty about not bagging munros today and having a relaxing day off instead - if only i could quell the fire in my gut. And then tab it 9km overland toyards Meall Glas.
View from Akto