Thursday, 26 October 2006

Gear 6: Primus Micron

Collected the Primus Micron screw-in stove from the sorting office today; after Planet Fear shipped and delivered within 48 hours of order. Tiny bit of kit, as the photo to the left shows. 96 grammes, and fits inside the palm of my hand. More importantly, fits into my cook-set.

Make sure that the 'grids' (arms) are locked in place before placing pan on top. On a test burn in the kitchen, I hadn't locked one arm properly. Boiled a titanium pan of 1 pint of water in 4 minutes. Not really test conditions for the hills, but good enough for me.

The gear below shows a Coleman 250 gas cannister with Micron all inside my Snow*Peak Titanium Trek 900. with room to spare.


John Hee said...

..and do you wonder know why on earth u used to walk around with that huge stove b4?
made the same move myself earlier this year. i secretly dream of a backpacking night carrying everything in my pockets and no pack at all - one day. one day!

AktoMan said...

I held off for one reason: I had a pan topple on me last year with my old cheapo screw-in stove. That's why I moved to the Gravity.

As to carrying all gear in pockets. Well, Hilleberg do a jacket/bivvy-bag: bivanorak. Survival gear for the Swedish aireforce.

John Hee said...

i know - just been listenoing to the podcast about it - tempting ;-)