Monday, 9 October 2006

Couch 6: As Tick Follows Tock

Train tickets arrived today from A useful service as you can see all the tickets available, the prices and restrictions.

The train tickets arrived today.

Everything seems a bit more real now.

Thanks to those who have donated money. I was taken aback by the fact the others have put in their hard-earned money too. I put the target at £95, and that's £50 raised already for Cancer Research UK. (sfx: sniffle)

It was suggested that I take a water filter with me, but I think I'll go with the suggestion of a stronger chemical system than the Boots own brand I currently use. A couple of people, including Chris Townsend, recommend Aquamira, so I'll have a look in Tiso's at tomorrow

I heard on Radio 4 this morning that there's to be a public consultation on the Post Office delivery system we get in the UK. I'll need to sign up for that! Late deliveries, not able to collect failed deliveries for 48 hours, an egotistical and not free phone centralised phone system, red elastic bands littering the street (do they ever get fined for littering?). It puts me off buying gear over the Net, as receiving it is always a hastle. <end rant>

Oh, sewed some reflec strips onto the strap ends of my backpack. That way the Post Office van can't miss running me over on a dark Scottish road ;¬)

Oops, almost forgot this photo-WHW site from Mad Jim, aka The Boy Hope. I'll need to keep a wide bearth of the killer duck.