Wednesday, 18 October 2006

WHW day 5.13

Roughing it outside the Kingshouse Hotel. Look, I'm in my Akto, so I'm roughing it! Covered 12.5miles/20km today. Approx 71.5 miles from start. Around 24miles to go. Woohoo. I hadn't been daring to do a countdown. Back in the world on Friday night, train out of Fort Bill on Saturday morning. Anything quicker than that is just tempting fate. I wonder what the vacana is for today, sometimes it's uncannily accurate.

Trailblazer book gets the thumbs up from everyone. Pacerpoles have been great. I've been using SolarUno primarily as phone recharger rather than solar charger. Not sure about the Roclites - I'd need to do the Way again in my Terrocs, and that ain't gonna happen any time soon. Atmos pack has been great. I've been squirrelling away snacks in the hip-belt pockets and using one pocket to store phone whilst hooked up to charger, dangling from a tie on the back of pack.

Found another blister today, not sure if I missed it yesterday. On right foot, not painful. Life and the 'Way' goes on.


ALoveSupreme said...

Hey aktoman .. I phoned the Kingshouse asking for you, but I guess you were in your tent .. Keep going, and well done.

AktoMan said...

Thanks, ALS, you're so thoughtful. I'd left just after 9am to get a long day, or two short days of trekking in. Turned into one verrrrry long day.