Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Couch 7: 3 More Sleeps

A former work-mate reckoned that counting the number of sleeps sounded better than saying "X days until {event}". Roll on Friday, 5pm so I can get things moving for the WHW.

Had a visit to Tiso's and bought the Aquamira water treatment bottles. Also got some Wayfarer and Reiter meals to add to the selection box, and a 100 gas canister.

I don't do much in the way of cooking, and the wee 100 unit seems to last more than 4 days, so should be okay for the WHW. I must get round to testing the duration of these things - or finding someone who has. In the morning, I'm boiling water for porridge and coffee; in the evening, boiling water for meals and tea. Snacking on GORP or the like during the day.

Filling my MSI mp3 player with podcasts and my hiking songs compilation - includes Runrig's version of "Loch Lomond". Last year I found myself humming songs on the hills and not remembering the words. So I compiled an album to listen to in the car on the way to the Cairngorm's.

I've decided that the Gerber knife isn't suitable for me, as there's a big projection on the back of the hilt to aid one-handed opening. But it also looks like it might aid opening the blade in my pocket. Okay for a knife that's secured away in a first aid kit, or suchlike, but not for pocket use. When I get back 'home', I'll see if my Dad's got some power tool that might cut the lug off.

At present my pocket kit is clipped to a karabiner and stowed on a pocket loop, and comprises: LED torch, whistle, penknife, firesteel. Yes, I know it's a Ray Mears kind of thing, but I like having the essentials to hand.

Charity donations up £60 on website, and £20 promised from some folks at work. All within 48 hours of posting. Since lots of people have done the WHW already, it didn't seem to be much of a challenge, so the sponsorship was very much an afterthought. But I'm glad to be the focus of those people who wish to donate money, especially as it's not exactly the AT or PCT. Cheers again.

Off to sleep, than it'll only be 2 more sleeps.