Friday, 20 October 2006

WHW-epilog 8

Gear fixes. Sew reflec tape onto peg-cord so easier to find in heather (or investigate reflec cord). First aid kit: more blister pads, plasters and tape that actually stick to the skin. Maybe an insulated camelbak as heat from my back was being transferred to the uninsulated sack. Retaining system for solaruno. Replace batteries in headtorch.


Michael G Clark said...

Well done on making it back in one piece, glad you got a lift from station as I could just see you trying to crawl home on your stumps. Txt you later after I've charged my dead phone.

Story Quine said...

V glad you're hame safe - and yes, Clarkie, I was driving down College St when D texted, so I drove him back from the station.

One WHW done, however many munros left to go!! ;-)

Best wishes
Storyquine xx