Sunday, 15 October 2006

WHW day 2.3

Path skirting Conic Hill. Loch Lomond in a haze of mist. The banks, forested and sleepy, look bonny.

Grouse gurgle. Talk to two Swiss people. She is studying mosses. I thought she'd fallen on the path. In good, but broken, English she tries to describe the flora and fauna of interest. I am ashamed by my poor memory and the fact that I'd be like her companion, keeping quiet, managing one or two words "black chicken". Mental note to add a cheatsheet of flora n fauna to mapcase.

Decided not to tackle Ben Lomond for one simple reason: sea level. It's a longer ascent than in the Cairngorms. But, I'll see where today takes me. No sound of high pitched motorbikes so far. Which is nice.