Sunday, 10 June 2007

Lakes - Saturday am

Having packed my kit on Thursday, it was a simple matter of changing after work on Friday and then to drive down to Grasmere. It gave the new satnav system a workout. It coped well. Another Garmin unit that I trust. My only issue is that I can't listen to the directions and listen to music at the same time - my hearing isn't what it used to be.

Parking at the back of Dove Cottage (some dead poet lived there once)[when they were alive]{not that someone dead could 'live' anywhere}<look it up yourself if you don't know who>, and tabbed it to Alcock Tarn in the torchlight. It was bright enough that I just used the red light to pick out the path under my feet, and the sky-light was bright enough to find the path in the distance.

I found Lay's tent, and set up my pitch. The others were over there somewhere, I couldn't see them and had already decided on my pitch.

DSC03474L DSC03469L

The views were stunning, and quickly my allocation of "wow" and "sheesh" were used up for the day. "Perfick" was added; it seemed appropriate. No daffodils though. And the clouds all had company.


Breaking camp, we went different ways down to Grasmere, and I tagged along with Dawn and Darren, as I could offer them a lift into Grasmere, and be directed to a better car park.


We met up at the Miller Howe cafe - as the day got hotter, it was only chucking out time that really got us moving. Darren was already worrying about a relapse, and was planning on sticking to the shade as much as possible.


R-to-L: Lay strikes a pose, John stitches his trousers, Dawn has noticed the camera, and Stef continues in his usual relaxed manner. Geoff had pushed on and would rest further up the trail.