Saturday, 16 June 2007

Landward 15.06.07

BBC programme had a good article on theft in the countryside - from farms and a forestry firm. One farmer said it made him suspicious of people coming up the road, as the criminals had carried out a reconnaissance raid and came back later.

On a happier note, White Park Cattle - a breed about 4-6,000 years old in Britain (chap from the Society said they were around at the same time as the Beaker People). The term sirloin was first used on the meat of one of those beasts.

The video diary was by a young gamekeeper from the Borders, his plea was for scientists and environmentalists to speak more to these folk. Controlling foxes and crows, keeping nature in balance.

BBC Outdoors site.


mp said...

Season 6 intro better tho' I think I can see more of you in the characters characterised of the particular link you have chosen

AktoMan said...

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