Sunday, 17 June 2007

Finally got round to buying the domain name. Click here to try:

Yup, just unframed web forwarding, but it's a start. Google Analytics has been mentioning it as a point of entry for a while now.


John Hee said...

Congrats - we may have to talk about how you did all that!

AktoMan said...

Just bought the domain from, and followed their links for web forwarding.

I'm not keen in the framed forwarding, as it doesn't handle linked addressing.

I'll look into more complicated dns addressing later.

George Griffin said...

I`ve a domain name londonbacking which I used on my now defuncted website, domain names are much easier to remember when passing them on.

I may link mine to my blog too.

AktoMan said...

As you say, George, a single address much easier to remember.

I might see about doing mine properly , instead of just web forwarding like I have just now.