Saturday, 16 June 2007

Privacy Zone 3

And finally, in these days of long lens cameras, phone cameras, spy-in-the-sky cameras - why is it so important to stop people being able to see your Castle?

Photos on Flickr or Google.

And here's a sample of the security fence (photo). I hope there's more security than that, as it wouldn't stop a determined criminal. Of course, due to press coverage, some reporters have discovered what wealth is stored in the castle. That's the down side to privacy cases - the first victim is the person's privacy.

As to the issue of planning permission - I'm surprised that permission was granted so easily. Once something is physically present, it is difficult to fight the status quo and get it removed.

Ah well, it keeps the lawyers off the streets. And soon those parts of Scotland not covered in super-pylons, wind turbines and poly-tunnels will be fenced off.

Marguerite Grimmond will be glad to be leaving.