Friday, 1 June 2007

Landward 01.06.07

First, a confession. I rarely watched this programme at its old time. Early on a Sunday morning I was usually busy doing something else.

Now in a new timeslot, 7pm on a Friday evening on BBC2 Scotland. All about the Scottish countryside. Including: an ex-farming couple from Sanqhar talked about their accident with a maternal cow. Global warming issues affecting an island community. Wine producing in Orkney (link).

The website listed is

Following the link in the website to the "Munros in a Minute" tweaked my fancy, and I found this

Welcome to the brand new Outdoors site on BBC Scotland. We're pulling together all our TV, radio and online outdoors content into one easy to use website.

So what's here?

Landward. ...

Radio shows. Perennial favourites Grassroots and Out Of Doors are also on the site. ...

The Adventure Show. All the best outdoor sports and past times with Dougie Vipond and the rest of the gang.'ll also find exclusive online content, competitions, content pulled from the archive and events information.

(full text)

The web designers have a great feature, with a map of Scotland that will allow us to follow articles by geographic region (link).

Well done, folks.

I like the idea of a pre-weekend appreciation of the environment. Next week they promise an article on wild camping, and the litter 'we' leave behind (obviously not real wild campers then). Sorry - I must wait until I see next week's before commenting on the article.


Martin said...

Many thanks for the link, now we need BBC NorthWest to do the same kind of thing so we can watch in England!
Just being picky the clickthrough doesn't quite work and I think that is because of the uppercase S; the link should be:

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Martin. I've fixed the link.

Maybe they'll do the same rescheduling with Countryfile?