Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Last Strides of the Big Walk

That's Alan Sloman completed his 1687 mile trek from the farthest South on Britain, to the farthest North of Britain; and zigzagging a couple of times to boot. On top of that feat, he has also raised £4,509 to date for Sue Ryder Care. It's not too late to add a donation (link from Alan's site).

Keep an eye on his site, I doubt it'll be his last post.


Alan Sloman said...


Ta for all the support during the walk - spent many a happy hour in the tent in the long hours of lightness in the far north reading your innovative blog! Greatly appreciated.

Fund raising now about £5,200, so if any of your readers wpould like to add to a magnificent cause, they can pop over to the blog and help out! (cheeky, but hey! I DID it!)

Seriously - thank you for your support. All the best Duncan


AktoMan said...

Thanks, Alan. I look forward to reading your "lessons learnt" feedback report.

Link to Alan's charity page

AktoMan said...

Whew, he hasn't spotted my comments on his day 100 rant

AktoMan said...

The money shot from Alan's blog.