Sunday, 17 June 2007

Trampled by Copyright

John Hee pointed out the "Gentle art of tramping" by Stephen Graham (1936 1927*). Sadly it looks as if someone's bought up the copyright (or otherwise got it taken off Project Gutenberg). So, whilst waiting for a cheap reprint, it is nice to see that other works by the late Mr Graham are still available there (link).

Stephen Graham looks like he lead an interesting life. Journalist for The Times, he was in Russia in 1915, and wrote some books on the country. Later serving with the Scots Guards in the Great War (link).

And, as these things happen, they brought me to Jim's "Wandering the World" blog. The link? Well, Jim mentioned here because he wrote about Dan Price's book "How to make a journal of your life".

*edited after John's comment. Sources 1, 2.


John Hee said...

I've got Tramping down as 1927, but there's cheap copies around if you look in the usual nooks n crannies
thanks for the other links - look good

AktoMan said...

I've updated the blog after looking into the date of ublication, John.

1936 was just one of the dates an edition was published.

AktoMan said...