Sunday, 3 June 2007

School of the Moon

"School of the Moon: The Highland Cattle-Raiding Tradition" by Stuart McHardy (link).

Could be coincidence that this book caught my eye and my wallet, just a week before going for a hiking visit to England. The introduction to the book is a background to Highland life, the rest of the book features over 40 stories of creach (raids) by cateran (warriors). The names and places are familiar Grants, Chisholms, Camerons, MacDonalds and Rannoch Moor, Glen Shee, Lochaber, Kintail.

The book title refers to the school "where the subject was cattle raiding and the classroom set in the moonlit nights of autumn."

Hmm, could it be coincidence that I'm developing a taste for home-made beef jerky?


John Hee said...

i'lll lock my cows up before i leave home after that post