Monday, 11 June 2007

Lakes - Sunday am

And then he said, "How sweet it were
A fisher or a hunter there,
A gardener in the shade,
Still wandering with an easy mind
To build a household fire and find
A home in every glade.


DSC03522L DSC03523L

What days and what sweet years! Ah me
Our life were life indeed, with thee
So pass'd in quiet bliss,
And all the while" said he "to know
That we were in a world of woe,
On such an earth as this!"

DSC03526L DSC03531L DSC03533L DSC03535L DSC03537L

Text source: William Wordsworth "Ruth"


Simon said...

Been catching up on Aktoman's exploits. Great photos. Looks like a fun time was had by all. ( Possibly except Darren - how is he? )

AktoMan said...

Darren seemed okay, Simon. Best not to push yourself in the heat when you've been (literally) laid up with something horrendous.

It was a shame that Geoff stayed up at Codale, I felt guilty for that. But I'd have felt worse if I hadn't gone down to be with the weekest member (don't take that the wrong way, Darren)

Lighthiker said...

Do I spot the picture of a Henry Shires Tarptent Rainbow in the back of one of your photos. I bet is was Dawn who opted for that little wonder tent...How did it perform?

AktoMan said...

She had no complaints, LH. Or didn't mention any to me. Darren'd probably be able to answer that one better.

GoatifiedCreature said...

Loving the mogul like slope. Where did you take that from?

AktoMan said...

Sorry, Goat, I don't get the reference to "mogul like slope".

The shots were around Easdale Tarn, and then leading back down to Grasmere.

I am sadly lacking in adding ALT tags to the pictures. I'll get round to it when I get the chance.