Monday, 11 June 2007

Lakes - Saturday pm

We set off towards Easedale Tarn, but soon left Darren in tree-shade, where he could listen to the brook babbling, and write poetry whilst awaiting a cooling breeze. Pushing on, I wasn't prepared for the amount of people heading up the well-made footpath.


I certainly wasn't prepared for "Flo" (as I named her), who walked past, lifting her flowing skirts out of the mud. Later on it turned out she was there for a photoshoot, as "Heathcliff" was already at a boulder on Easedale Tarn awaiting her. Oh, and that's Geoff taking his ease on the grass above her.


So, John, Dawn and myself pushed on to Codale Tarn, where we'd meet the others later.


What amazed me was how angular the whole region was. Down in the valley was Grasmere. Somewhere. We hadn't walked that far, and it was gone from view already. As were the majority of people.


At a rise at the eastern end of Codale Tarn, we set up pitches, and Geoff appeared, quickly putting up his tarp.


When getting water from a small waterfall in the tarn's feed-stream, Dawn and I noticed someone approaching. Darren? Then Dawn pointed out that if it was Darren, where's his pack?