Sunday, 24 June 2007


As I don't get up town much these days, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that Millets was still open in Aberdeen. So surprised that I called in to see what they had. Mainly the same ranges as before "Peter Lord" and "Craghopper" for example. But they have a better range of 'alternative' energy products than I saw in Blacks. The 'just add water' range had potential.

And then they have ArnyWear. Fashionable anti-bug cloths. At the moment, just cloths rather than clothes. I was tempted by the small one, use as a neckerchief. But I wanted to do some more research before parting with my cash. The Scottish midge has a nasty habit of not reading the labels.

Its 100% ecologically sound technology provides continuous protection against mosquitoes, midges, stable flies, ticks and other unwelcome insects and is suitable for sensitive skin and safe for children. (source)

The ifabric# technology used in all ARNYWEAR branded products has been clinically tested and proven by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to provide continuous protection against mosquitoes, midges, horse flies, ticks and over 3000 other varieties of unwelcome biting insects. (source)

Looks like I'll be back at Millets soon then.