Sunday, 17 June 2007

Why go into the wilderness?

I empathise with these words from Mike Clelland's introduction in "Allen & Mike's Really Cool Backpackin' Book" (link)

Why go into the wilderness? The natural world can be hard work, frustrating, and uncomfortable ... but we go nonetheless. What pulls us there, to a place that we sometimes perceive as unwelcoming? For me, and maybe you too, there is a very real tugging at the soul, a deep-rooted desire to find something, to achieve something ... a metaphysical fix of some sort.

The oppressive influences of our modern society keep many of us from being our real selves. We continually react not to Mother Nature, but to Mother Culture, and we take on identities and personalities not our own. But when we step into the wilderness, we temporarily liberate ourselves from those influences. There is a very real value to time spent in the wilderness. Perhaps we can begin to discover a little more about our real selves. Maybe we'll get some reassurance that there is something behind it all, and that it's good.


John Hee said...

Time to track down "'The Gentle Art of Tramping" by Stephen Graham

DSD said...

Musings on 'why'... are never time lost...