Saturday, 30 June 2007

K-9 BSD-1

This just looks like so much fun.

The K-9 BSD-1 is a behavioral shaping device that can be remotely activated to eject a variety of rewards a short distance. This allows the use of positive reinforcement in a variety of different training scenarios with split second timing. Your purchase includes the device, battery charger, push tube and two remote hand held transmitters.

I wonder if we can get one for the office?


mp said...

Whose ?

I think you'll find Procedure 41b applies at your establishment

AktoMan said...

Procedure 41b?
"Any officer caught sniffing the saddle of the exercise bicycle in the women's gym will be discharged without trial."

mp said...

looks like I was thereabouts to be the 10k man - exciting

AktoMan said...

If you class this as "exciting", you need to get out more, mp!