Friday, 18 July 2008

Where do you want your henge?


Going west now.


After about 9 hours of travelling, I meet Darren at Farnborough train station. We haul Dawn's gift bag across town as aircraft practice for the weekend airshow overhead. What I thought was an F-22 was later identified by Martin as an F-18.


Shortly after I get changed, Darren's mate, Martin arrives and we head across country to Dartmoor. We arrive at 8 o'clock, and start heading along the length of Meldon Reservoir (maplink).

Arriving at Meldon

A shower starts, making me feel at home. It doesn't have the same effect on Darren.

Meldon Reservoir

A 2km trek along the reservoir finds us at Vellake Corner, where the others had already arrived.

Vellake corner

We pitch our tents and tarp-tents and put on a brew in the dreich weather. I use the Blackfly3 meths stove. It works well. My snufr1.0 fails, as the heat is too much. I quickly invent snufr2.0 and the burning wicks are extinguished. Job done. Sleep.