Friday, 11 July 2008


There's been a few glitches with comments here over the past few days. It happens at intervals on Blogger. I don't get a notification email, and the comments gadget in the sidebar (which I moved up the page) fails to update.

I had a look at "Blogger in draft" to see if there were any new useful gadgets. I tried a couple, one didn't work, and the other posted the whole comment. After failing to find the original gadget to see if it had been updated, I looked away from Google.

I found, but there is the issue of folks having to register to leave comments (example). Scoble wrote about it a couple of months back (link). There's a comparison at (and, yes, I noticed the Firefly crew getting a mention. Jayne even has his Mum's hat on).

After some reading, I found myself on watching a friendly video. I have now installed it, active on all new articles. It might not last long.


AktoMan said...

...and it didn't. Ugh, I really didn't like the look of that. I'll keep it simple and stick with Blogger's system.

See what I saw

Daniel Ha said...

Hi, Daniel from Disqus here.

Just pointing out that registration is not required to leave comments. It's up to you, the blog moderator.


AktoMan said...

Thanks, Daniel.

Y'see, the comment didn't get emailed to me, and didn't get posted in the sidebar. Hrmph.

Daniel - does Disqus have something similar to the Blogger comment sidebar? But one that works?

Anonymous said...

I am pleased you moved the comment bar up

paulmartin42 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AktoMan said...

I've switched the Disqus system off until I hear back from them. better safe than sorry.

AktoMan said...

Read on the Blogger help that some other folk have been having similar problems. Following the Bloggerteam advice, I've changed my email address for notifications.

As the notifications seem to have been okay for Saturday, maybe it has all been fixed.

AktoMan said...

Email notification got through to new email address, but comments widget in sidebar did update.

I'll see what I can fix after some sleeps.

paulmartin42 said...

Would it be too much to ask for you to promote comments such as this even further to top of the left. Your map at the top is quite slow to load - a little logo diplays for a while; maybe tho it covers for the loading of the rest of the page - there's one way to find out

AktoMan said...

As requested, Mr M.

Your email came through to my non-Yahoo account, and it got updated in the sidebar (before I looked to see if it was a problem with Blogger's rss feed for the comments).

I'll switch back to my Yahoo email account and see what's what. I don't see that interfering with the comments' RSS feed (as used in the sidebar).

paulmartin42 said...

Yep goes quicker - I tried it twice. There's still a load time for the map but during that interval you can see the latest comments or read the blog !

AktoMan said...

Latest comment still not appearing properly. Eg your comment above doesn't show in the sidebar, but at least I received an email notification.

I've wasted too long on this already. Best get a move on with the housework.