Monday, 7 July 2008

The Real Monarch of the Glen ep1

Message sent to BBC iPlayer folk:

Cracking job on the iPlayer, but when will you include BBC Scotland and not just BBC England? For example, some mates down south wanted to watch "The Real Monarch of the Glen" (BBC2 Scotland), so I pointed them to your iPlayer. Only then did one of the chaps point out your lack of regional programming.

I'm not interested in when the TV down south will show the prog, but just why your iPlayer is biased against us up here. As you are constantly working hard to improve the iPlayer, I hope that this oversight will be corrected shortly.

The programme - merely reshowing clips from the original, with expanded material. Mr Lister playing to the camera when eating ants in Scandinavia. Terms like "the cycle of life", "enclosed reserve", "fenced reserve" and "let's just do it". Sweeping statements from the programme-makers "make a remote spot ... a little wilderness", and "now the first animals are back".

I'm sure the BBC will bring out inconsistencies, like bringing employment to the area, but the construction workers were Polish (heck, maybe they live in the area, I don't know). 700 brown bears in the whole of Sweden (stated the script), yet Mr Lister wants wants to introduce 12 to his small estate. Estate: 23,000 acres. Sweden: 111,188,530 acres. Obviously pure maths doesn't work here as the scientists know how much room these bears need. The same bears that  "won't be shy as they'll have less woods to hide in".

Anyone up for pony-trekking in amongst un-shy brown bears? I think I'll need to bag that Munro before the whatever-it-is-just-don't-call-it-a-zoo opens.


Filed under "Celebrity Interviews", there's an interview with Mr Lister in the Daily Record (story-link). Just don't bother doing a search for the word "zoo" in the interview. Nor is there mention of the Local Authority's objection to part of the proposal. In fact, the only mention of opposing views is in the statement that "Ramblers - some of whom have raised opposition to Paul's plans - currently number 300 on the estate each year." Therefore it could be implied that the number of objections are a subset of 300 (here's a link to the MCoS newsletter in case you want to hear objections from non-Ramblers).

But, hey, I wasn't going to start listing faults with the media. Good luck to the project. I've said things elsewhere that you can read if you are interested, so I won't repeat them here.

"Scotland is a nation on the move. We will accept nothing less than success." Oh, that was the First Minister, during his "Free to Prosper" speech and not Mr Lister.

I look forward to the rest of the series, and hope that the later programmes reveal more facts about Scotland being open for business, though perhaps the term "Monarch" in the title says all about the due deference being paid so far.