Friday, 11 July 2008


Robert Scoble reports on Microsoft's the Yosemite Extreme Gigapixel Panoramic Imaging Project. He was at their Pro Photo Summit, so there'll probably be more info coming out about happenings.

They mapped out Yosemite with 20 high-resolution panoramic cameras. To give you an idea how cool these images are, here’s an earlier version they did. [ScobleSource]

I lost track of how many times I clicked to zoom in, but the trees just kept getting closer. Hoorm hroomm boyo.


paulmartin42 said...

Microsoft's Deep Photo, the YEGPIP you highlighted, Silverlight, etc seem to indicate as Mr S says that "Think Microsoft isn’t innovative? You can’t say that anymore". Google seem to be attracting some bad publicity with their drive by maps (which at Amazon did a while back) and not much good publicity at present.