Thursday, 10 July 2008

Hello, Goodbye

Just off the phone with what sounds like a very busy O2 call centre. The main news is that despite being texted by O2 that I can upgrade my phone to an iPhone, the lass said exactly the same as the email message that came in on Tuesday.

I have to wait another month until my contract expires to get an iPhone.

For me, that's another month to look at coverage, contracts, to hear about the problems with the iPhone after the launch, to walk away from O2 and Apple. And then there will be the launch of new phones from Apple's competitors to consider.

But I did hear mention of a speculated 32gig iPhone launching later in the year. The "Today in iPhone" decision tree.

Oh, I tried joining the O2 customer forums last night (tech, tips). 12 hours later and I'm still waiting for the activation email. I'd be laughing if I had any chuckles left in me after the way O2 has mis-handled the launch and killed off my interest in a convergent device in just 4 days. Well done to all involved. It just sums up the state of the UK so-called "service" industry.

Anyway, here's "The Hell Song" - slightly more appropriate for O2's 'hold' music than "When Johnny Comes Marching Home". Who the heck plays songs-from-the-wars music to customers? Oh yeah, O2. Please hold.


Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how companies can completely bungle their customer service. It's not rocket science, just treat your customers like human beings who are worthy of respect.

AktoMan said...

I'm having a laugh looking at O2's iPhone forums. People are confused because every person they speak to tells them something different.

Some have got the promise of an iPhone even though they are in the same situation as me (1-2 months left on contract).

So far everything that I have been told by them has been a lie. They said I could upgrade my phone. They said I was a valued customer. They said my order was received. They do not value my custom. They did not receive my order. They say I cannot upgrade my phone.

They couldn't run a bath, let alone a popular launch like this!

Londonbackpacker said...

By all accounts the iphone is in short supply, so many people are going to be disappointed.

They (apple) should be able to supply demand by the end of the summer.

AktoMan said...

George, it isn't a matter of supply & demand, it is a matter of good, honest business practices. I have not seen that from O2 this week.

As said, I have been lied to by my mobile phone "service" provider. No-where here have I complained about O2 being over-subscribed. My frustration starts with them telling me that my order hadn't been processed (despite their website telling me it had). That's sloppy e-commerce. Pass it off as "high demand on their server", yet they did not tell me that the order had not been processed. Sloppy.

No doubt the people in charge of the launch will all get pay-rises on the back of the massive demand generated by Apple.