Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Another Tarp Convert

Covering an area of about 9 foot by 9 foot, the Mountain Laurel Design Spinntex Mid is a winner with my parents' cat. Dry inside, when i open the door, some water drips in. There were some big flies inside, lurking at the top, but no midges. I'd still not trust it without a net during the season . As for ticks, i'm not sure if they get under the integrated edging nets. I've taken the tarp in overnight, and want to see how it copes with strong winds.


Alan Sloman said...

Don't do it Dunc! Pull out now! Before it's too late!

Aieeee! Banzai!

AktoMan said...

LOL - I was referring to 'Flick', the cat. I'm sure it sees this as one big bird-trap. Flies get trapped inside, birds go for the flies, cat attacks birds.

Story Quine said...

Flick seems to be enjoying herself. She could be the non-human tester for tents and their fly-resistence. A butterfly zoomed round my kitchen on Sunday and nearly gave me a heartattack, luckiy it found its way back out the wide open window!

It was a Tortoiseshell too!