Sunday, 13 July 2008

Query re Comments Feed

After some investigations this morning (yup, sad git with an itchier leg after yesterday's trip), I posted the following to the Blogger Help Group forum.

Hi folks,

Anyone else been having trouble with Comments these last few days? Maybe it is just me.

The sidebar comments gadget doesn't show all comments. I've tracked this down to the RSS feed for comments. So, changed the "Blog Comment Feed" from Full to Short as that seems to be the only control I have over it.

I then changed to the Blogger-in-Draft site feed gadget, punched in the RSS feed, and got same comments as before, so I'm sure it is the RSS feed that is "quirky", and not the widget/gadget.

There are other comment systems available (eg Disqus), but I'd rather have Blogger working properly for me.

I did find last year's notification from Blogger, at:
But that was then. It hints at the number of comments being a problem. Any clues, folks?

The email notification for new comments seemed to have died, but I changed forwarding address away from Yahoo, and that worked. So I changed it back to yahoo, and that worked too. Must have been one of these temporary glitches.


The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the comment feed in the sidebar is now at "version 2". Coming in from Blogger-in-Draft, this feed gives me the same options as the original comments feed, and the same results. So I reckon that it is the RSS feed that is the problem. Hence posting to the forum.

At least I'm giving Alan something to read in the evening.


Alan Sloman said...

Hi Duncan!

I am gald it's you sorting out all this techie stuff - it means that when I finally get around to having a go doing it, it will all be sorted by you clever chaps!

Think of of yoursleves as test pilots in this white heat of technology!

Cheers fella


AktoMan said...

Chocks away, Alan :)

And neither of your comments have appeared in the sidebar widget. At least I got the email notification.

AktoMan said...

Subscribed to my own RSS comment feed via Google Reader.

The latest 5 comments are the same that appear in "Comments v2" widget.

Definitely a problem with the RSS feed. I haven't noticed any problems with the RSS feeds when I get peoples Blogger articles through (eg John H and George). Sounds like comment feed engine problems.

AktoMan said...

Just switched the comment RSS feed off.

AktoMan said...

And back on again.

paulmartin42 said...

I think the space makes Comments v3 look so much more professional than Commentsv2