Friday, 11 July 2008

Comments - Disqus (take 4)

Okay, so I'm a pushover for someone who has a product to push. It shows spirit. So, I took Daniel's comment to heart and here we have a proper try out of Disqus' comment system. I've updated the template, switched off Blogger's comments for new posts (so there'll be no change in posts before this one), and I'll check out the gadgets for keeping track of comments in the sidebar.

I'll stay quiet, and check back later. Share and enjoy.

>>On to v4. I've posted a message on the support thread before hitting the hay.


AktoMan said...

Nope, still Blogger.

Goodnight children, where-ever you are.


AktoMan said...

But Blogger's emailing me again with comment notification, even though it's not updating the widget.

Right, sleep time. Long day tomorrow.